Ajándék / Gift

Egyórás szösszenet ajándékba egy nagyon kedves ismerősömnek :) Régi dizájn új köntösben - örök kedvenc:) Azért szeretem a labradoritot, mert nem kell hozzá túl sok körítés :)

Nuith is the Egyptian sky goddess who leans over her husband/brother, Geb, the Egyptian Earth God. She is usually depicted as a naked woman who is covered with stars and is arching on all fours over Geb. She represents the All, pure potentiality both as it flowers into the physical universe and as it resides beyond embodiment. She was the mother of Osiris, Horus, Isis, Set, and Nephthys
Labradorite is a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intuitions. Use labradorite to stimulate imagination, develop enthusiasm and thus, new ideas, and to see more clearly in meditation
Labradorite was first found in 1770 on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. It is also found in Norway, and the former USSR. There is a blue semi-transparent variety called spectrolite that is only found in Finland.
This beauty was made of a rare blue flashing Labradorite (24x19 mm) beaded with finest japanese glass beads – Toho Nebula colour, surrounded by Swarovski white pearls and bicones. The cord is 46 cm (18 in) long, pendant measures 5 x 3,5 cm (2 x 1 ¼ in), the middle fringe is 5 cm (2 in). Cord is beaded with firepolished faceted czech beads, Swarovski bicones and pearls and closing with a leaf toggle clasp. Backing is metallic blue genuine leather.
May this necklace keep away bad entities and thoughts and any kind of negativity to protect your life and help to live your dreams.


Erga said...

Itt is csodás ez az egy órás szösszenet!!!

Illésné Klementisz Angéla said...

És tényleg egy óra alatt raktad össze...? Hihetetlen vagy :)
Régóta szemezgetek a webáruházadban a labradoritokkal - kedvenc ékkövem - ezt meglátva a szülinapomra minden képpen be kell egyet szereznem...! Gyönyörű lett, gratulálok!

Böbe Ikotics said...