Every religion has its holy book/ Minden vallásnak megvan a maga szentkönyve

... Every religion has its holy book (with all the respect)  - and I am sure I have found mine. Actually the postman brought the other day and it was the best surprise back in time lately.

My magic book is purple, it's cover is so soft and consist of 86 small little chapters of my beady secrets :)

Are you ready? Here it is:

I am always looking for better solutions how to stay organised and this is a perfect storage place for those 1< x < 20 gramm beads - which lay around in small ziplock bags. What I did - is just to sort them by colours or shapes 12 rows 7 columns - isn't it great? I have been purchasing various plastic boxes, but their compartments were not closing properly - so they all ended up in my Husbands fishing or DIY equipments.

Here you can pull out one panel - 7 cells in one row (in my system filled with beads of similar colours) - and get ready for your next beady project.  Never imagined that I could empty 4 shoeboxes full or those little 1x2 inch plastic bags.

Thank you for my dear friend Kriszta to surprise me with this holy beady book, I am sure there will be a whole library soon :) It looks better on the bookshelf than overcrowded shoeboxes - isn't it?
You can get yours at www.egyedigyongy.hu or look for CraftMates Lockables - Available in different sizes.


Unknown said...

Great solution:-D

Unknown said...

Fantasztikus! Irigylesre melto!:)

Unknown said...

Oh that is fabulous!